Best Green Tea Brand

The Secret Of Health & Beauty By The Best Green Tea Brand

Among all the different tea companies in India and abroad Himalayan Brew is recognised as a source of premium quality tea. Our diverse varieties in tea offer the most spectacular tea drinking experience with loads of health and beauty benefits. Green tea lovers have labelled Himalayan Brew company as their personal favourite tea company and the Best Green Tea Brand in Asian and abroad market.

Placed in the beautiful heart of Kangra valley, Himalayan brew tea estate plants, processes and blends the most aromatic and delicious tea made from the finest quality tea leaves of Himachal Pradesh. Himalayan Brew team focuses strictly on the quality of the batch we manufacture. Each and every batch is produced with the finest quality Indian tea leaves to offer you the perfect taste of India.

The quality and taste of our tea attract customers from all over the globe. Himalayan Brew blends the Kangra fragrance in our tea varieties. Being the Best Green Tea Brand we focus on the health aspects of green tea and make our efforts to offer you maximum health and beauty benefits in one sip of Himalayan Brew Green Tea. Each and every tea variety available at Himalayan Brew offers you a different flavour in the cup; Himalayan Brew offers these flavours as the symbol of different regions of India.

A healthy cup Green tea every day will promote beauty, health and fitness in the best way. The taste and aroma of Himalayan Brew green tea speak for its quality and taste. A cup of Himalayan Brew Green tea can offer you 1000+ Health and beauty benefits in every sip.