Best Green Tea

Make The Best Start For Your Day With Himalayan Brew Green Tea

Himalayan Brew offers you the benefits of freshly plucked and packed green tea leaves straight from the heart of Kangra valley in Himachal Pradesh. Corner all your crash diet plans drink Best Green Tea for health and beauty. Himalayan Brew Tea Company offers you the healthiest drink you can ever enjoy in unlimited varieties, especially in our green tea products.

While producing Himalayan brew green tea we make sure that all the flavours are saved in the right manner. The flavours of fresh tea leaves from Kangra valley are released in the cup of freshly made Himalayan brew tea. With our variety of Kangra tea, we try to make a balance of health and taste in your life.

Himalayan Brew Tea estate holds the legacy of more than 150 years, serving your health with excellence. Our quality green tea varieties have helped us in gaining the title of Best Green Tea manufacturer in Himachal Pradesh. With your trust and support today we have our own tea plantations, processing and blending unit through which we deliver our quality services to worldwide customers and green tea lovers.

Our tea variety is recognised from its unique aroma and strong flavours that favour your health and beauty. The taste of Himalayan Brew tea reminds you the taste of your mother’s tea, full of love and care for your health. With the wide variety of green tea products and other healthy tea products, Himalayan Brew Company brings you the purest and finest taste of Indian tea leaves from Himalayan Brew tea estate.