Green Tea With Mint Flavour

Try The New Pack Of Mint Green Tea – Flavours Of Health

Himalayan brew is known for introducing a difference in the tea manufacturing industry. We bring new flavours of health in your daily lifestyle with different taste that reflects the different regions of India and their culture. Himalayan brew green tea comes in different healthy herbal combinations and offers you strong taste with original Kangra fragrance.

Himalayan brew Green Tea With Mint Flavour is the favourite of many green tea lovers. The minty deliciousness is offered with the blend of freshly picked tea leaves processed mildly with fresh mint leaves.The flavour of a fresh green tea is loaded with essential health and fitness benefits. At Himalayan brew, every green tea batch is preserved with a special moisture, light and odour proof packaging.

We bring you the healthiest beverage in the world in the most delicious way and that’s how Himalayan brew overweight other tea brands in the global market. Himalayan brew green tea supports your health with natural flavours that offer you a deliciously unforgettable taste. A cup of this healthy green liquid can save you from a number of deadly skin and health related risks without any side effects.

At Himalayan brew, every individual’s choice is valued with different taste and flavours. People can select the type of tea they want to have as their healthy supplement from our online stores and suppliers. From herbal tulsi green tea to Green Tea With Mint Flavour, Himalayan brew has it all.

Years ago Himalayan brew tea estate was started in Kangra valley, the heart of Himachal Pradesh with an idea of promoting health in the safest way. With the support of our customers, Himalayan brew has achieved what it desired and become a reputed tea manufacturing company at the global level.