Health Benefits

Tea Facts for Fitness, Wellbeing & Good Health

  • A healthy cup of tea has low caffeine as compared to that in coffee.
  • Drinking atleast 4 cups of tea made from perfectly plucked and processed leaves can expand blood vessel in people specially women, thus reducing the risk of coronary heart diseases.
  • Healthy, Flavourful and aromatic tea can reduce cholesterol, hypertension & Cancer of lung throat, breast, colon & prostrate .
  • Drinking Healthy Tea every day can prevent dental cavities.
  • Perfectly processed & preserved Tea is virtually calorie-free : 1 calorie / 100ml. It has nutritional properties, which means it is rich in Vitamins, minerals and Antioxidants.
  • Consuming 650ml of healthy Tea provides over half of the total intake of dietary flavonoids, nearly 156 %of calcium,10% of zinc, over 10% of folic acid around 9% ,25% & 6% of vitamins B1,B2 & B6 respectively of the daily requirements.
  • Tea is pleasant, popular, socially accepted, economical and safe drink. So go and enjoy your cup of health and stay assured that it is doing Good to your system.

Note: Never boil Himalayan Kangra Tea directly in milk or water as it will cook the leaves and make it very bitter. Adjust duration of brewing time & quantity of leaf added to suit your taste. Let your palate be the guide.