Pure Green Tea

Purify You Body With Flavourful Green Tea Beverages

Himalayan Brew Tea Estate brings you the purest flavour of Green tea straight from the valleys of Himachal Pradesh. Every tea variety that we manufacture here reflects the culture and heritage of India and its diverse regions. With a cup of Himalayan Brew tea, you can smell the fresh fragrance of freshly plucked tea leaves from Kangra valley. India is counted amongst reputed manufacturers and dealers of quality tea in the Global market. Himalayan brew Tea Company maintains this quality in its tea variety by focusing on processing and preserving the right quality of tea leaves at the right time.

With its Pure Green Tea flavours and wide tea varieties, Himalayan Brew is offering health and fitness benefits to a wide range of audiences at both national and international level. We have successfully highlighted our brand name in the Global market with diverse tea varieties that beat other tea manufacturing companies in terms of flavour, price, quality, value, purity, and alleged fitness benefits.

No other tea company offers such diverse green tea flavours and taste like Himalayan Brew Tea estate. Himalayan brew tea variety offers you fitness goals with a strong taste and rich flavours; we offer a delicious solution to all your health related problems. You can buy Himalayan brew pure green tea, black tea and healthy oolong tea from our online stores and local suppliers based on your choice of taste and flavours.

People drink green tea every day for a fit and healthy body. Aims for health and fitness by adding Green tea in your diet chart as a healthy morning drink. At Himalayan brew Tea Company we are committed to offering you organic & Pure Green Tea varieties eliminating blended additives and artificial flavours for best results.