Himalayan Brew

The essence from the Himalayas and its purest herbs

Natural & Handpicked
150 Years old legacy
Finest Herbal Blends
100% Real & Whole Leaf
Directly From Himalayas
Natural & Handpicked
150 Years old legacy
Finest Herbal Blends
100% Real & Whole Leaf
Directly From Himalayas

Teas with the Himalayan essence

Tea with 150 years old tradition

The HIMALAYAN BREW tea company, situated in the heart of Kangra valley in Himachal Pradesh offers a complete line of specialty teas from a tea estate which is 150 years old. The company owns its own tea plantations, processing and blending unit. We use purest and finest green leaves and adhere to strict quality standards in manufacture of our teas. Our tea gives a strong flavor and invigorating cup with unique Kangra fragrance. The Tea we offer is in great demand in the markets of India and abroad.

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Our teas are of highest quality standards

Teas With Love & Pride

The little details go a long way when you are driven by perfection. At Himalayan Brew, we take pride in making it our business to know the details. Every batch of tea that enters our sample room goes through a strenuous screening process. Only the best teas, carefully selected by our experts are packed for our customers. The teas are evaluated, tasted and blended with the utmost care by seasoned professionals and checked personally by our founder before being sent to the factory.

Himalayan Brew Tea Variations

Perfect & Healthy Blends

Our ‘perfect’ tea blends come in a variety of tastes and textures that are fresh, floral, fruity, traditional, herbal, therapeutic and energizing. The teas, plucked directly from our Himalayan tea gardens, are blended in our very own facility. The result is a fresher, natural and crisp flavoured tea.

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Explore our unique tea blends with the goodness of Himalayan herbs

Morning Bliss

Try some of our unique blends with Green Himalayan Tea & Herbs

Blue Berry Green Tea

Rs. 238.10

Himalayan Brew Tea - Brewing with love

Brewing Instructions

Step 1: Wash your tea pot with warm water.

Step 2: Add 1 tea spoon per cup of tea leaves into the pot and pour in freshly boiled water.

Step 3: Brew for 3-4 minutes.

Step 4: Strain into your tea cup & enjoy the brew.

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Himalayan Essence & Purity

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