Learn About Kangra Tea with Himalayan Brew Tea Tours

Whether you are a tea enthusiast, a curious traveller, or simply looking for a unique experience, Journey with us to explore the fascinating world of Kangra tea and discover what goes into making your daily cup. As, the making of tea is not easy it needs a bit of science, a bit of art, and a lot of precision. Our tea tours is a perfect blend of cultural and tea-centric Experience of age-old process – with a hint of new technology.

The tea tours are led by expert guides who has a deep understanding of the tea estate, its history, and its culture. You will get to visit tea garden, learn about the tea-making process and taste some of the most exquisite teas that sure to deepen your love for tea.

What to Expect on a Tea Tour

Tea Trail

You will get to visit the most picturesque tea garden, learn about the different varieties of tea produced. Along with this, Enjoy the variety of birdlife, butterflies and flora that add to the diverse landscape that makes up a tea estate

Tea Plucking

Interact with the tea pickers and learn how to pluck the “two leaves and a bud” used to produce the perfect cup.

Tea Factory

Explore tea factory and learn about the tea-making process of different types of tea (green, black, white etc), starting with plucking or harvest, withering/steaming, fermentation, sorting and grading.

Tea Tasting

Learn about the art of tea tasting as our intimate tastings offer an unparalleled, exclusive setting for experiencing our handcrafted, estate-grown teas along with iced tea, kombucha and tea based Gelatos.

Speciality Teas:23 cups

Ice Tea: 8 cups

Kombucha:5 cups

Tea Shop

Tea shop where you will find different varieties of tea with some attractive packaging. The tea can surely act as a fantastic souvenir to take back home.

Tea Cafe

Tea cafe where you can order any Tea made gelato(ice cream), drinks etc.

Note:whatever ordered from cafe will be extra

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Inclusion: Guided Tour
Days: Monday-Saturday
(Sunday-only on advance bookings)
Duration: 30-45mins
Timings: 09:00 AM to 05:30 PM
Charges per Person: Rs.250/Combo Packages available

Note : Minimum two people is required or Rs.500 minimum charge will be there for whole tour and Tasting

Contact Details:+91-9816630284

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