Himalayan Brew

Kombucha Original and with Ginger,Tulsi ,Peach Assorted Pack of 4 Bottels

Rs. 590.00

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1)Pure original Raw Kangra Green Tea Kombucha 

2)Pure Ginger Kambucha

3)Pure Peach Kombucha  

4)Pure Tulsi Kombucha 

A simple health elixir, our classic original

kombucha- an artisanal fermented Pure Kangra tea, impeccably handcrafted at our Tea Factory with all its goodness and absolutely nothing else.

This is a raw drink. Strains of culture may appear. These are natural, normal and occur in raw kombucha Tea. Naturally carbonated from fermentation. Open carefully. Keep refrigerated.

Brewing Instructions

Ready To Drink

Health Benefits

Himalayan Brew

Fresh & Handpicked Tea Leaves

We’re notoriously picky about our tea, so we pluck only the freshest and tenderest part of the plant — the top two leaves and a bud. We sample each and every harvest to select and blend the very best teas. We skip artificial additives to focus on a rich, real tea experience.

100% Real Ingredients and WholeLeaf

All our artisanal tea blends are not only made from natural raw ingredients Making our tea all 100% real and natural.

Brewing Instructions

Himalayan Brew Tea - Brewing with love

Step 1

Wash your tea pot with warm water.

Step 2

Add 1 tea spoon per cup of tea leaves into the pot and pour in freshly boiled water.

Step 3

Brew for 3-4 minutes.

Step 4

Strain into your tea cup & enjoy the brew.

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